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Collective Lo​-​Fi Vol​.​2

by Leftie

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Collective Lo-Fi is a crowd sourcing project the purpose of which is to create a track using the recordings made by contributors and sent to me. There is no limits on what can be recorded and how. Here's what was used for Vol.2:

- Anton Ievtushenko and Masha Ievtushenko gave me a huge lift by sending a recording of their daugther's voice. Kira sounded so clean and sweet that she became one of the main instruments (from 0:02) and the source for two bass sounds (from 0:09 and 0:20). The click that one of her toys made during the recording went straight into rhythm section (from 0:01).
- Rostislav Morozov and Elena Kudryashovа also cheered me up by recording their kid. Little Maya was only a few weeks old when they recorded her cries during diaper change. She was screaming and crying, but eventually found her way into our ensemble (from 0:22 and 2:02).
- Artem Kruchenuk recorded his voice for me, which i've used for another bass (from 2:15), and a few sounds of his drone. Crackle from one of the sensors became nice midrange bass (from 1:50) and the beeps drone emitted when powered up was used to create a short lead (from 3:32).
- Daniil Pronin send me numerous recordings of speeches and dialogs - his own and in company of his friends. Danya himself became a bass again (from 0:53), and pieces of other's words filled the rhythm section by becoming a hi-hats (from 0:45). One unknown hit was transformed into snare (from 0:05). Also I've made a main chord pad from one of the voices on the recordings (from 0:45).
- Alex Markelov and Elena Komarkova recorded knife sharpening for me. The knives fitted into the virtual drum machine perfectly, becoming a part of collective drum set (from 0:23).
- Andrey Makhinya recorded an epic bell on top of one of the bavarian churches. It was incredibly difficult to tune properly, but i didn't gave up and in the end the bell's ringing became a beautiful apreggio and also one of the small texture crescendos (from 0:53).
- Bohdan Diev sent me a recording which he made on his vacation in Turkey. The city of Bodrum's fauna sounds became a tricky, almost keyboard instrument (from 0:33).
- Christina Ilchishina gave me few vids from her trip to Prague. Noise of the fountain near Franz Kafka Museum was meticulously cleaned up and gave birth to a whole range of instruments - kick drum (from 0:00), sub bass (from 1:07), additional pad (from 0:48) and keys (from 0:22). Singing birds from Prague Zoo were directed straight to the synth to generate one more bass sound (from 0:45).
- Vera Logdanidi shared the noise of her washing machine with me. A little bit of «magic» and processing transformed it into cool rhythmic effect (from 0:22).
- Andrey Kalinichenko provided me with a little set of tricky sounds. Conductor's announcement from bus route 119 beautified the ending (from 5:02), the hum from the heater inside the bus warmed the groove after becoming higher and shorter (from 1:32). Noise of the elevator and its doors in Andrey's building were laid nicely before the beginning of both drops (from 1:05).
- Andrey Turkiv was at the shore of Indian ocean in Sri Lanka and sent me sounds of its waves. I used the sound to create an effective crash (from 0:45).
- Andrey Yushko had dug up some nice lamp, which not only clicks great when powered - the sound became one of the snares (from 2:38) - but also crackles fantastically when turned on. I've made a small crescendo out of it (from 0:42).

I would like to express profound gratitude to all of the contributors. If you wish to participate, feel free to contact me at your convenience.



released April 11, 2019


all rights reserved



Leftie Kyiv, Ukraine

Music is my main passion and the reason I get up in the morning. I’ve been making it for couple of decades now and it is the only way for me to truly express myself. Music became the diary of my life, each track adding a new chapter to it. I’ve explored countless ways of making it, performed numerous experiments and tried turning into it almost everything that made a sound. ... more

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