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Collective Lo​-​Fi Vol​.​1

by Leftie

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Collective Lo-Fi is a crowd sourcing project the purpose of which is to create a track using the recordings made by contributors and sent to me. There is no limits on what can be recorded and how. Here's what was used for Vol.1:

- First one to contribute was Alexandr Shk - he made a video for me together with his cat. Kosyak's meowing became a terrifying lead (from 0:16) and words of praise for him by Alexandr became a main chord (from 1:06).
- Next ones were Alex Markelov and Lena Komarkova who sent me recording of their vacuum cleaner. Its noise became one of the crescendos (from 0:32) and was transformed into main kick drum and on\off switch clicks were added to the rhythm section.
- Next came Ivan Grynenko, who sent me recording of a thunderstorm and also very cute grunt of a pig. I used thunderstorm without much processing (from 0:00) and the grunt went straight into the synth as an oscillator wave and became a bass (from 2:16)
- The whole set of clicks and rustles was recorded by Sasha Dmitriev and went straight into the drum machine.
- After him I've got a sample from Sasha Sabadash, who was shy at first and thought he need something extra special to contribute but then recorded tap water gurgling - it became a percussion (from 1:23).
- Daniil Pronin decided to cheer me up with a speech, but what he didn't take into account is that I sample mercilessly, so parts of his recorded phrase became an auxiliary kick drum and a bass (from 0:33).
- Sasha Patoka sent me recodring of his vape device, which became a part of rhythm section and formed one of the crescendos (from 0:16).
- And then it was time for a massive contribution from my old friend Andrey Turkiv - he sent me a bunch of amazing sounds from his dental clinic! As it turns out, dental drilling machine sounds exactly in E key - its recording formed the secondary pad (from 1:54) and keys (from 2:53). And the CT jaw scanner crackle became a cute little rhythmic loop (from 2:20).
- Last contribution came almost too late - Dan Rox sent me a recording of an alarm in yard near Closer nightclub. I've almost finished the track but managed to find space for this sound as well (from 1:16).

I would like to express profound gratitude to all of the contributors. If you wish to participate, feel free to contact me at your convenience.



released April 11, 2019


all rights reserved



Leftie Kyiv, Ukraine

Music is my main passion and the reason I get up in the morning. I’ve been making it for couple of decades now and it is the only way for me to truly express myself. Music became the diary of my life, each track adding a new chapter to it. I’ve explored countless ways of making it, performed numerous experiments and tried turning into it almost everything that made a sound. ... more

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